The GOALS Study Groups will start up this coming Sunday, October 18. Study Groups are an effective way for students in same-subject classes with similar abilities to learn together. Study groups meet on a weekly basis, are offered in groups of two or more students and are led by one staff member. During the course of the study group, we ask our students to bring their questions to the group. Our staff focuses on these questions and the group works together to review and learn the core concepts. Students help each other stay on track and cover the material together. We find that students really like the collaborative and fun environment of our study groups.

All study groups will meet Sundays at the Grant Road Office.

Chem study group:  11:30am-1:30pm

Calc study group:  11:30AM-1:30pm

Physics study group:  1:30-3:30pm

Email us to sign-up for our study groups: