Goals will be closed Wednesday 11/25 through Saturday 11/28. All sessions regularly scheduled for these days have been cancelled. It is important to us that all of our students get the support that they need. If your student needs to be seen by GOALS staff during this time, please email our front desk staff and we will be sure to get your student scheduled.
GOALS will be open Sunday 11/29 and all sessions regularly scheduled for Sundays will be held this day. If you will be out of town or your student prefers not to come in this day, please contact our front desk staff and alert them as soon as possible.
Our EFT staff is already working with our students on their study plans for finals. At GOALS, we help our students plan for the following:
  • Hours/day to study for each test.
    • 15 hours/final for a regular high school class
    • 20 hours/final for an honors class
    • 25 hours/final for an AP class

The main purpose of setting a finals study plan is to allow students to sit down and dedicate brain power to organizing and committing to finals studying. We will be sending out another email soon with more detailed finals information.

Our wonderful Spanish tutor still has room on her schedule for more students. Email the front desk if your student needs help with their Spanish class or getting ready for their Spanish final.
Productivity is a unique service at GOALS and is often scheduled in conjunction with 1:1 sessions. Productivity is intended to support habit acquisition during our students independent study time. Students are checked-into Productivity and our staff help our students review their current and upcoming work, missed assignments, upcoming projects and any warning signs of falling behind. During Productivity staff are available to answer short questions regarding content.
We schedule our Productivity staff based on the number of students that will be in the office. For this reason, students must schedule their Productivity times and we appreciate it when students are punctual for their arrival times. Also it is important to know when students will be cancelling their Productivity sessions. Have your student text our office as soon as they are aware of a schedule change. Productivity is normally scheduled in two hour+ blocks of time.
There are several ways that you can stay in touch with news from GOALS
LearnSpeed is the software program that GOALS uses to schedule and invoice. Each parent and student can login to check their calendar and account. If you have not yet set-up your LearnSpeed account and would like to do so, please email our front desk staff and we will send you a LearnSpeed account invitation.
Is your house short a water bottle, pedometer, calculator or sweatshirt? Then most likely it is at GOALS. Our Lost and Found box is overflowing. Please have your student take a look next time they come to the office and see if anything belongs to them. The box is located behind the brown chair when you first walk into the office.