It’s time to sign up for beginning of the school year Intake Meetings with GOALS! 

Dear GOALS Parents,

Summer is slowly winding down and we begin to look forward to the start of the new school year. The GOALS staff cannot wait to see your students again and hear all about their summer adventures and their plans for the upcoming school year. We have been working very hard all summer long to make our great customer service even better and to provide you and your student with the best possible product. To that end, we have been hiring and training new staff,  improving our processes, and growing our office space. Here are a few new things we would like to tell you about.

2016-17 School Year Intake Sessions

In order to best serve our students, we feel that it is important to do a school year intake session with each student. The purpose of these sessions is to review last years school results, discuss positive growth and needed areas of improvement; and to set a plan for the upcoming school year. These sessions last 60 minutes and we encourage both parent and student to attend. The benefit of scheduling your intake session early in the school year is that you get first dibs on your GOALS schedule.

Study Groups

During the intake sessions, we will be collecting information from those students who are interested in forming study groups for various subjects (chem, bio, physics, history, math, English, etc.) Study groups will be formed later in the school year. Some benefits of study groups include: reduced cost compared to 1:1 sessions, increased peer learning skills, deeper comprehension of topics, and targeted session plans to work on topics students struggle with most.

GOALS is Growing!

With the addition of new students, we found ourselves short on space last school year. This summer we added space in the building next door to our 2245 Grant Road location. Phillip and staff have been sawing whiteboards and hanging them around the room – fresh and ready for the crazy, intellectual art that your students dream up! We will be using this space for 1:1 sessions, Productivity and study groups.

Parents will now be receiving Session Notes

GOALS is always working on improving how we support our students. One of our new developments is that GOALS staff will now provide you with timely updates of your student’s progress by submitting daily session notes. These session notes will contain current assignments, upcoming assignments and due dates, recent successes and current struggles.

Do you have anyone you would like to refer?

We like to reward our parents and students for helping to spread the good word about GOALS. If you tell your friends about GOALS, be sure to have them mention your name when they contact us. Parents can receive a $100 invoice credit OR students can receive $100 cash. In order to receive the reward, the referred student must attend an intake session, attend one 1:1 session and pay their first invoice.

We would like you to sign our new and updated contract

With the new changes at GOALS, we would like for your family to renew your contract. We will have the new contracts available to you at your school year intake sessions.

Washington got bigger!

Washington, our newest therapy dog, came to our office in April as a tiny adorable ball of black fuzz. Get ready for a romping teenage dog in the office as Washington has grown up a bit. Washington has been working hard to bring happiness to our summer students and he is super excited to start on his busier school year schedule. Sophie is returning as well and is happy to sit calmly in our students’ laps.