Clinicians & Counselors

Partnering for Academic Success  

GOALS offers you the opportunity to partner with our team. At GOALS, we will provide support ranging from intermittent problem solving to intensive academic rehabilitation. Your clients make agreements with you to make change and build positive habits. We will support those habits of time management, organization, follow-through and accountability in their academic lives. GOALS staff help students learn to organize their workload so that they are no longer overwhelmed. We work to empower students to own their education. High achieving students may also need academic guidance. Our staff will help students streamline their academics or put academics into perspective with other life goals. 

GOALS is able to help students with learning differences (like me) in ways that no other educational services can. It’s the EF sessions unique to GOALS that separates it from other centers. They teach you how to approach the work and how to improve your organizational skills – going beyond just tutoring content. It’s about training the mind to be able to achieve. It’s like therapy for school!


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