At GOALS we understand that academics can be a significant stressor that can exacerbate patient symptoms. Academics can also play a major role in familial strife and discord. Many of your patients may be in academic crisis or simply need strong academic support.

While GOALS staff are not clinicians, we are a strong team with a broad spectrum of experience of working with students with academic challenges, learning differences, social and emotional challenges, and varying psychiatric diagnoses.

Because we have worked with many students in crisis, we understand that continuity of care is of utmost importance. Your patients make agreements with you to make change and build positive habits. We are committed to supporting them as they build time management, organization, and follow-through skills and learn accountability in their academic lives. Through our dedicated case management system we can partner closely with you to support the work that you are doing with your patients.

Clinicians that have worked in conjunction with GOALS often report significant patient improvement. And, as the parent role in academic conflict is relaxed, family relationships also have space to heal and grow.


Partnership with GOALS gives you access to

  • Consultations with Phillip Roberts (GOALS CEO)
  • Daily documentation of student progress (with student and family permission)
  • An additional eye on the things that you are working on
  • Real world observations and feedback on various behaviors over time
  • Flexibility with how the GOALS team collaborates with your clinical care team
  • An environment that spots half-truths and fosters an honest self-assessment and redirection
  • A place where it is safe for students to be honest with themselves and others
  • A fun, positive academic environment where staff are trained to identify actual accomplishments and celebrate them in reinforcing ways

GOALS can also serve as a resource and advocate for the student at all school meeting including 504/IEP meetings. 

Which patients should you refer?

  • Middle school through career level professionals who struggle with executive functioning challenges related to any of the following:
    • ADHD
    • executive functioning disorder
    • depression
    • anxiety
    • trauma
    • grief
    • autism spectrum
    • pervasive developmental disorders
    • obsessive compulsive disorder
    • etc.
  • Families in conflict over academics
  • Disengaged students
  • Overachieving students
  • Students in academic crisis