GOALS is Different Because...

Every student deserves the best.

Our mission is to inspire the passion to learn and help students bring out the best in themselves. We do this in a variety of ways, guided by the belief that learning is a student-driven process. The ultimate goal is to help students determine and actively pursue their own academic success without having to rely on others.

Dogs make life better

Meet Sophie, our therapy dog! Sophie simply loves our students. Her job is to be friendly and she takes her work very seriously.

Changing habits can be like moving mountains…it’s easier with the right help!

Habit formation is one of the most challenging issues that humans face. Bad habits die hard, and good habits are slow to bloom. Consistency and diligence are our greatest tools in supporting positive habit formation. At GOALS we focus on strategies, techniques and attitudes for long term change.

Learning is cool

We are different from other learning centers in that we aim to change how students view education and help them re-engage and enjoy learning again.

Having a different kind of brain is good

A core belief at GOALS is that each brain is unique and learns in a different way. Our world is made better and stronger by having a broad diversity of minds. Our mission at GOALS is to work with each student to help them understand their brain and to craft strategies to optimize it.

Students hold the key

Of all the courses a student will take and questions they will answer, a student is never asked “How do you learn best?” or “Do you know how your mind works?” We aim to help students find answers to questions they’ve never thought to ask.

Honesty is the best policy

At GOALS we are 100% honest with our students both about their academics and their attitudes. Students are encouraged to face reality and fix things. Mis-steps and failure are not seen as negatives but opportunities to correct and learn.

Playing ninja is fun

We encourage students to make healthy choices and take active breaks (usually physical exercise) to decompress and help them focus better. It is not unusual at GOALS to find students playing ninja or having hula hoop contests during their study breaks. We understand that active breaks help to better synthesize information.

Flexibility isn't just for rock climbers (or rock stars)

We assess student needs and figure out strategies and techniques for each student based on how their brain works most efficiently. We try out a variety of strategies with a student and we customize those strategies to what works best for each student.