Phillip Roberts

Phillip Roberts

Founder and CEO

About the Founder

Phillip Roberts is the founder and CEO of Goal Oriented Academics LLC based in Los Altos, California. He studied cognitive neuroscience at the University of California at Davis. In his early professional years Phillip worked for the Santa Clara County Office of Education, where he taught youth in the department of special education. In this position, he gained extensive experience working with at-risk youth. Phillip developed a strong passion for helping students with ADHD, as well as anyone struggling with cognitive development or synthesis. He has also done professional research, specializing in computational neuroimaging with a focus on Autism, ADHD, OCD and memory associated with traumatic events.

Throughout his life, Phillip has been in many positions of mentorship, having coached rock climbing, swimming and diving teams. Through these coaching experiences, Phillip developed and honed the skills of individualized leadership within the context of a team while still achieving a dynamic community environment. These roles solidified in his mind that the drive of the pupil is just as valuable as the opinion of the coach. This belief is a core foundation of GOALS’ underlying philosophy.

Phillip has had a lifelong passion for both science and teaching. His professional career and personal aspirations have culminated into the realization that a reformation of the education system through the wholehearted acceptance of neurodiversity and individual focus is his true passion. GOALS first opened its doors in 2012, and has seen rapid growth since that time. Through decades of experience working with youth who feel alienated by mainstream education, Phillip has built GOALS into a place that fosters free and honest exchange, accepts and welcomes diversity, and embraces holistic values where students are encouraged to love learning with voracious tenacity.

Whenever he has time to head out of the office, Phillip embarks on rock climbing trips with his dog, Sophie.

You can achieve anything at GOALS through hard work and structure…and Phillip.


St. Francis High School

At GOALS my son has learned that academic success is a learnable skill, not an innate talent. The team at GOALS helped him to identify the right strategies for learning and his performance (and grades) are proof that their methods work.


Parent of Junior,
Mountain View High School