Student Experience

What it’s like here


Student Driven

Functioning as a support system to bolster students towards their fullest potential, we aim to teach self-sufficiency, self-advocacy, and independence. Our ultimate goal is to help students find and actively pursue their own academic goals without leaning on us to grow as learners.



We recognize that each student learns in a different way and for most students, the best way is not sitting down in a chair for long periods of time. We don’t care if our students hang upside down from the ceiling or roll on the floor or bounce on the yoga ball while studying. If it works for the student, it works for us. You might (okay, probably will) even find some of our staff doing the same. When you walk into our offices, you will see drawings, doodles, quotes, equations and solutions that adorn the whiteboards that cover our walls and ceilings. Sophie the dog will come trotting up to you expecting to be picked up and petted. All the while, students can be seen taking tests, studying, learning one-on-one, doing push ups or hula hooping. This calculated assortment of tools and activities increases academic productivity and levels of student engagement in their work.

A Culture That Promotes a Love of Learning

We provide motivation, help students to plan their path, set goals, and develop strategies that keep them working towards their ultimate vision. In addition to this, we encourage students to make healthy choices and take active breaks, usually involving physical exercise, to decompress the brain and improve focus. In essence, we create an environment that encourages students to be their best selves, immerse themselves in knowledge, and truly enjoy themselves in the process. Many students who come to GOALS end up liking the experience so much that they spread the word to their friends that they have found a place that is both enjoyable and empowering.



We believe that learning is fun and rewarding. Students can sometimes lose this passion when they become disengaged from the conventional educational system. At GOALS, we provide an environment that not only encourages learning, but makes it fun. We are different from other centers in that our approach aims to restructure how students view education so that they enjoy learning again.

I love GOALS! The staff have been such a large part of my life. GOALS gave me a work ethic and a drive for education.


Lydian Academy

GOALS directed my approach to learning into a highly synthesized, personalized and carefully constructed process that allowed me to break down my obstacles and achieve my actual potential. GOALS helped me throughout high school and I’m now a successful student in college.


University of Nevada