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GOALS works with our clients exclusively in our two Los Altos offices which are conveniently located close to many middle schools, high schools and colleges.

To support our clients, we offer the following services:


Free Math and English Assessments

Is your student struggling in math or English? We offer free evaluations in those subjects in order to help inform you of your student’s areas of challenge and strength. 

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EF Sessions

Executive Functioning (EF) sessions help students organize their time and school work. These sessions are the crux of what makes GOALS unique and is where much of the habit formation part of GOALS takes place.

EF sessions are generally scheduled for 1 to 1.5 hours.

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1:1 Content Sessions

Content sessions focus on particular subject areas such as physics, biology, chemistry, algebra, geometry, calculus, history, foreign language, essay writing, critical reading, etc. These focus not only on the content at hand, but also on creating healthy study habits moving forward. The 1:1 sessions are held with one staff member working with one student.

1:1 sessions are generally scheduled for 1.5 hours.

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The focus of Productivity sessions is to help support habit acquisition during independent study time. Productivity staff check students in and out of Productivity sessions, and interact with several students at a time on an as needed basis.

Productivity sessions are generally scheduled in 2+ hour blocks of time.

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Study Groups

Study groups are specific subject focused. The groups meet on a weekly basis, are offered in groups of two or more students and are led by one staff member.

Study groups are generally between 2-3 hours long.

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Standardized Test Preparation

We work closely with each of our students to develop individual and unique study plans to prepare themselves for their highest possible score on school entrance exams.

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Our rates vary from $42 to $159 per hour depending on the type of service that we provide. Our rates are subject to change with written notification. We strive to provide our clients with the highest quality staff and therefore we set our rates in accordance with being able to compensate staff adequately. We also respect your hard earned dollars and work to keep our services in line with your financial goals.

GOALS helped my daughter take control of her schoolwork and become academically independent in high school. She now knows how to organize and structure her workload and can approach it with confidence. She also knows when to ask for help and that is a great skill for her to take to college.


Parent of Freshman, St. Mary's College

GOALS has helped teach our son to become more focused, have better study habits and become a more effective student. They create a fun learning environment for teens, from their teaching methods, necessary fun study breaks and their engaging staff. Our son has also taken group and private College Prep Exam sessions through GOALS as well as AP Exam Prep with great success! We highly recommend GOALS!


Parent of Senior, Los Altos High School