EF Sessions

Executive Functioning (EF) is a unique service at GOALS and involves such skills as

  • prioritization of work
  • analysis of effective strategies
  • determination of best time usage.

EF students either lack these skills or need to develop them to do better in school. The goal is to help students look at their actions and analyze them so they can understand why they are in their given situation and how they can make positive changes. Each student is unique, and every EF session is tailored to each student’s unique challenges. The long-term goal of EF is for the student to possess the mindset and resources to combat their organization and self-management issues on their own. A big part of this process is teaching and supporting self-advocacy. These sessions are the crux of what makes GOALS unique and is where much of the habit formation part of GOALS takes place.

EF sessions are generally scheduled for 1 to 1.5 hours.

GOALS has given my son a process to follow, a safe and nurturing environment to practice this process,
and the motivation to continue this process to succeed in life as well as school.


Parent of Junior,
St. Francis High School

When our son started with Goals, he struggled to get assignments turned in, did not know how to plan his time and lacked overall confidence because of his poor performance in school. Goals gave him critical skills that helped him organize himself and his time. They helped him unlock his intelligent mind and earn great grades. His academic performance has translated into renewed confidence in what he can achieve in school and beyond.


Parent of Junior,
Kings Academy