Standardized Test Preparation

We guarantee our work


We are so certain that your student will see improvement in their test scores that we offer a money back guarantee. If your student does not see an improvement in their score from their first diagnostic test with us to their actual test, we will refund your money in full.*

The dirty little secret of test prep is that most students will without a doubt improve with practice, but almost no student will actually do the practice homework that they need to do in order to improve. That’s why we have incorporated guided homework time into all of our test prep programs to make sure our students actually see improved scores on testing day.

* Student must complete one of our test prep packages within two months of initial diagnostic test. Only one refund per family. Students must take the official ACT or SAT within three months of completing our program. In order to receive a refund, the student’s score must not increase between the initial diagnostic test s/he takes at GOALS and the official ACT test. If your student has an IEP or 504 accommodations in school which are applicable to timed tests and regularly uses those accommodations but opts not to ask for those accommodations on the test, we cannot guarantee improvement.