Another unique GOALS service is Productivity, which is often scheduled in conjunction with 1:1 sessions. Productivity sessions help support habit acquisition during the student’s independent study time. We help students build habits for skills THEY decide that they should be using (usually this agreement is gained in our intake sessions). This can be anything from using Productivity specifically for studying for tests to learning how to take breaks so that their work is more effective. We do a check-in assessment of their current and upcoming work, missing assignments, upcoming projects, and any warning signs of falling behind, at the beginning of each Productivity session. During Productivity, staff are available to answer short questions regarding content. At the end of each Productivity session we do a check-out with each student ensuring that they have met their work and time commitments.

Productivity sessions are generally scheduled in 2+ hour blocks of time.

GOALS helped empower my son to become a more positive and stronger independent learner, which will be invaluable for the rest of his life. It also helped me return to the positive values of parenting, by avoiding the pit falls of homework nagging. It is an unusual place that values the individual by understanding how they need to grow in their own independent ways to reach their true potential.


Parent of Junior,
Mountain View High School